Mazhar Farooqui is a multiple-award winning investigative journalist who has dedicated his life to relentlessly digging for the truth, exposing corruption and uncovering mega scams.

Considered the pioneer of investigative journalism in the UAE, Farooqui’s fearless and uncompromising brand of journalism has made him the go-to man for anyone with a problem. People seek him out in the hope that their concerns will be addressed. In most cases they are.

Worldwide over 250 people have been jailed (some are still behind bars) or facing investigations as a result of cutting-edge reports which are published in leading publications.

Renowned for his exposés of international crime lords and conmen, Farooqui receives bribe offers and death threats (https://thecognate.com/gulf-news-editor-in-dubai-receives-threats-from-right-wing-it-cell-extremists-for-exposing-them/) in almost equal measure. But he remains true to his profession and carries on unfazed https://gulfnews.com/opinion/freedom-of-press-gulf-news-journalist-under-attack-1.68053947. And it this what makes him truly special https://mariammaroof99.medium.com/mazhar-farooqui-a-man-who-isnt-afraid-of-exposing-the-truth-8e33ccf31519.

Farooqui lives in Dubai and currently works a Senior Editor for a reputed English daily. He has previously worked for Gulf News, The Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Pioneer among other publications.

He is also the receipt of several journalism awards and is routinely invited to deliver talk on investigative journalism