“Mazhar Farooqui has raised the bar for investigative journalism in the region with his cutting edge, insightful reports. He comes with smashing stories every few days but hasn’t lost any of his appetite despite threats and lawsuits.”

Ahmed Bin Sulayem
Executive Chairman, DMCC

“Mazhar is the true pioneer of investigative journalism in the UAE. It takes a lot of courage to do what he does in this part of the world. What is unique also is his range of stories. From serial swindlers to sex predators he has chased them all.”

Aniruddha Bahal
Editor, Cobrapost.com

Mazhar is doing commendable job. His in depth investigative stories are extremely well written, engagingly told and compellingly recorded. I applaud his style of reporting and accuracy of details. Keep up the good work.

Rizwan Sajan
Founder, Chairman Danube Group

“Over the years I have read many interesting investigation carried out by Mazhar Farooqui. He’s fearless and calls a spade a spade unlike many journalists who tend to sugarcoat their words. Mazhar’s investigations have made international news and brought relief to many unsettled souls who were in the darks when they got duped. His stories always make an interesting read and create a lot of awareness.

Raza Beig
CEO, Splash & Fashion Director of Landmark Group

“Mazhar Faooqui always fascinates me with the passion he has in many investigations he’s conducted. He is an intellectual investigative journalist and his reports say it all! I always look forward to receiving his journals, his passion for what he does speaks for himself.”

Maha Bin Hendi
Lawyer, Maha Bin Hendi Law Firm

“I find Mazhar Farooqui as a very unconventional journalist and has done some unique work in keeping the financial services industry safe. “

Arshad Khan
Co-founder & CEO, Arabian Bourse

“His kindness coupled with a genuine and natural sense of curiosity makes him one of the finest investigative journalist that you could ever have a chance to work with. He is one of those journalists who truly understands and appreciates the subject and has dedicated his life to shinning a light on key issues that affect us.”

Richard H. Bernstein
Judge, US Supreme Court

“Mazhar does not require anyone’s endorsement ! His work speaks for itself. I have been reading his reports for over two decades and have always marveled at his ability to sniff out news and his tenacity in following them up. May his tribe increase.”

Uttam Chand Gupta
Editor, National Herald

“Mazhar’s name is synonymous with excellence in investigative journalism and breaking news. I have followed his work closely like many others over the years, and it is indeed an honour to know him personally, for he belongs to an elite group of brave men and women who work passionately for truth. I applaud him for this meritorious public service, one of a rare kind, under unbelievable duress, to expose abuse and demand accountability.

Abdulla Ajmal
Chief Operating Officer, Ajmal Perfumes

“Mazhar Farooqui is a dedicated professional journalists whose investigated reports are very enlightening. He is an asset to the society. I admire his work”

Ram Tolani
Founder / Owner, Goodwill Insurance

“I always look forward to seeing Mazhar’s investigative articles as he willing to go after companies and individuals who have few ethics and just wish to scam people out of their hard earned money.”

Nigel Sillitoe
CEO, Insight Discovery