In Depth

How nations profit from Zimbabwe’s blood gold

34 tonnes of gold is smuggled from Zimbabwe annually. Mazhar Farooqui visits illegal gold mines in the African nation to sniff the out the trail

VPs, CEOs with fake degrees

Mazhar reports on how hundreds have made it to top posts with bogus certificates bought from non-existent universities.

Floating Seahorse

Truth vs Hype In depth reports on one of the world’s most talked about project.
The first report and the second

Scam masterminds unmasked

Year-long investigation
unmasks masterminds of organised crime networks responsible for 150-odd scams.

Sex predator busted

Gulf News exposes sexual predator preying on female aviation career hopefuls in UAE

Your cheap perfume may contain urine

Most fragrances sold online or at small stores in the UAE are cheap because they are fake

Caribbean dreams in jeopardy

Allegations of fraud fly thick as hundreds of applicants from GCC seek second passports

Cheating the system to cheat workers

How companies circumvent government-backed Wage Protection System to cheat workers

The scent of a scam

XPRESS uncovers gang peddling medicines derived from endangered animal

Awards for sale

Gulf News blows the lid off rampant racket of vanity awards disguised as legitimate prizes

The shocking truth about school inspections

How schools turn Dubai education authority’s inspections into a farce

Web of deceit

Why people fall for bogus investment schemes