Our bogus firm is ISO certified

Maz poses as the owner of a firm shut down for fraud to buy the much coveted ISO: 9001 certificate for a little over $1,500
https://gulfnews.com/uae/xpress-expos-well-oiled-racket-involving-sale-of-iso-certificates-uncovered-1.1979048 The story kicked off a a storm and the agency which issued the certificate was shut down.

Bootlegging mafia exposed

Maz stands in queue dressed as labourer to buy illegal alcohol as part of covert operation
https://gulfnews.com/uae/illicit-liquor-trade-uncovered-in-dubai-1.664027 to expose the bootlegging mafia in Dubai.

No good chef busts world’s biggest recruitment ring

Maz poses as a chef who makes “unpalatable food” to expose the world’s biggest recruitment ring.

Company that isn’t offers jobs that aren’t

Conmen target overseas jobseekers with fake website of purported UAE firm

Water is not dirty, trick is

Dirty tricks used to con people into buying water purification systems in the UAE

You are invited

Baywatch stars, Dog the Bounty Hunter get ‘contracts’ to speak at non-existent event

I am an idiot yet I am hired

Victims detail how they were duped by fraudulent placement agencies in the UAE

Stay away from this seminar

XPRESS partners with industry expert in undercover operation to blow lid off foreign currency racket targeting UAE investors

College essays for sale

Students paying third parties to complete their college assignments